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In Redmond Oregon, It is:

in beautiful 
 Redmond, Oregon

If you would like to see where Redmond is in Oregon, here is a map for Redmond.

I created this web page in an attempt to organize the various aspects of my busy life these days as well as learn how to build and maintain a web page.

If I am lucky, I can direct people to this site to get an update on what I and my family are doing. This site is built for close friends and associates and will not be actively advertised. However, all are welcome to visit.

I choose to use FrontPage 2000 as the platform after extensive searching for tools and resources. This particular web page is built out of a Microsoft web template making the initial production easier. I searched and searched for themes and templates and found that this got me going far faster and after two weeks of the trying part, I decided to simply get on with it. 

I have found some disadvantages to FrontPage 2000 as I have worked into some more advanced work. I have found workarounds such as putting my CGI scripts in an other site so that FrontPage 2000 can not mess them up. Luckily I have multiple user sites on my site that come with my hosting. My host provider, Blacksun, has been fantastic! What nice and helpful people.

This page was designed and built by John Inman and was last updated on 09/10/12.

Contact John Inman with questions or comments at jinman at wetherhaven dot com.

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