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When we first moved to Sheridan Oregon, we moved onto an 8 acre farm. Wetherhaven is a funny name. So where did the name come from? Well, this is not as hard as you might think. Even though I have a degree in Pre-Vet/Animal science, I have a real soft spot for animals and Hazel is even more so, if that can be. When we still lived on our farm, we raised a variety of livestock. When we had our first lambs and bottle fed them and raised them, we only had to go through the process of having them butchered once before we decided we just weren't cut out for the business.

Rock, Diamond, and their sister Agate

Now what we did need to do, was to continue to raise livestock. If for no other reason but to keep our farm deferral. We did not butcher our own however. If we wanted meat, we bought it. A little silly I am sure, but what the heck. 

When we moved we had goats and two of our very first goats were wethered, i.e., they could no longer breed. They were indeed pets and I am sure we would have had a hard time letting them go.  So in jest we decided we were a haven for wethers. And that is how we named the farm Wetherhaven.



With babies like this, you can see what I mean

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