I originally wrote this site in 2000, 20 years ago, and have never updated from the original FrontPage format. I decided to bring Wetherhaven into the 21st century so that I could introduce people to our 14 years in Sheridan Oregon, most of that on the Wetherhaven farm. I will be slowly bringing in content as I have time and eventually I should have a full history site when completed. Our family at one time lived on 8 acres in the coast range of Oregon when we first moved to Sheridan. Here is a map of Gopher Valley. And yes, that does equate to a 60-mile drive into Portland for work or play. The family did not go into Portland often. We eventually moved into the town Sheridan which was still in a beautiful area even if it was not out in Gopher Valley. We sold the farm and purchased a fixer-upper and invested the next couple of years renovating the house and barn. A new job opportunity led us to Redmond Oregon in the high desert and it was also beautiful but completely different than Western Oregon. As I see it, many people go on vacation to spend time in places as we lived in. There were disadvantages as well, however, the benefits of living out in the country far outweighed the benefits of living closer in. It was a fun time in our lives.

Our family farm in Gopher Valley