Dublin, 7/6 2022

Some more pics from Jameson. An incredible place.

Dublin, 7/6 2022

Booked a Sanderman’s walking tour at 11 and had a great time visiting downtown. Met some nice 20’s something girls and we talked and walked together. Linda and I went to Guinness for a long tour and tasing after the tour as well as visiting Temple University. Architecture reminded me of University of Washington. Great day ending with me now posting this blog with just a few pics of Guinness from my phone (camera pics to come later) and sipping an Irish Whisky at the hostel.

Dublin 7/5 2022

Arrived in Dublin after a very long day. Flight was late out of Seattle, missed my connection flight in Paris (did you know every time you change terminals in Paris you have to go through security again? Damn) Finally found a flight with the help of Air France (they are nice folks) on Aer Lingus and got in to Dublin about 8:30. Bus to town then walk 3/4 mile with a very heavy pack to the Generator hostel. Picked up a vegan burger on the way from a little Indian hold in the wall. Checked in and sat downstairs with a whisky and relaxed before bed. In bed before 11 and finally slept soundly after 3:30. I was exhausted.

Costa Rica, 8/2021 – San Rafael – Samuel & Miriam

Samuel and Miriam are pastors with the Lutheran Church and also caretakers for an NGO focused on assisting migrants. I traveled extensively with Samuel and they invited me to stay with them for a couple of days. Wonderful friends.

Costa Rica, 8/2021 – San Julian & El Jardin

Two little communities in the middle of the banana plantations. Attended services in both little communities. Wonderful people.

Costa Rica, 8/2021 – Quitirrisi

Had a wonderful opportunity to join an indigenous youth Lutheran celebration. What a blast. Played soccer with the kids and pastors, ate wonderful indigenous food (I am vegan but all the food had meat in it and I happily joined in), and listened to music and services. One of the highlights of my trip. Note I was almost 69 and was a bit old to be playing soccer but I had fun anyway.

Costa Rica, 8/2021 – Providencia, Copey de Dota

This was hours to get to on very bad roads but the result was amazing. It is in the middle of the mountains and produces some of the finest coffee in the world. Enrique and Ana and their grand daughter were wonderful.

Costa Rica, 8/2021 – La Sole

This little Lutheran community met in a home every Sunday. What a fun and warm community of people. Samual gave a brief service and then we had an entertainer sing for us.