John, Hazel, David


There are now four of us in the family effective January 23, 2001. Hazel, David, and I had been a family for 11 years and we are now four with the addition of a new little girl, Kinnera. She would say big girl as she is now ten, ten years ago.  She is from Telangana India and came to us when she was 12 months old. David had been asking for a baby sister for 8 years and we have always wanted another baby so we made this wonderful decision to go ahead. Plan, our adoption agency,  was delightful to work with and now that the adoption process is completed, we are grateful for their fabulous help. So many people try to go it without a professional agency, and the results are often painful.

Of course, we had other members of the family, namely our dogs and our cat. We had two great dogs and one cat. Since our dogs got to sleep in the house at night and quite often stay out during the day, we were forever cleaning dogs it seems. Our dogs are really fun and are a great asset to the family. No pictures of the cat, but here are our other family members.

Kinnera at 3 1/2

David at 14


Rosy our border collie and Solly