I have added several photo galleries that I recovered from my old web site. They all have special meaning to me and I love having them here to explore. I may add new galleries as time goes by. To start, the three include “Inman Heirloom Quilt”, Pecos River Learning Centers Memories”, and “Aravind Volunteer Trip”.

Arivand Volunteer Trip

In 2004 I traveled to Arivand Eye Care in Madurai Tamil Nadu India to volunteer in their training center for three weeks. It was a transformative trip and the attached pictures capture my memories of the trip. There are 221 photos in this gallery.

Pecos River Learning Centers Memories

When you first enter Pecos after a long drive from the airport and many dirt roads through the beautiful Pecos River region

I participated at the invitation of Larry Wilson, in several sessions at Pecos River Learning Centers. Larry was one of my mentors since going through Counselor Selling at Wilson Learning Institute at the beginning of the 80's. I had reached out to invite Larry to let me interview him for a business radio show I produced in Portland Oregon and he said yes. At the end of the interview I asked him if he might envision a way we could work together. He then invited me down to participate with him in his sessions. It was a life changing experience. I still think of Larry. These pictures are my memories of my time at the learning center. There are 62 pictures in this gallery.

Inman Heirloom Quilt

This Inman Heirloom quilt was quilted by my grandmother Inman in Stroud Oklahoma and was finished in 1895. My fathers name, Louis Howard Inman, was added when he was born in 1908. There are 17 pictures in this gallery.