I have added several photo galleries that I recovered from my old web site. They all have special meaning to me and I love having them here to explore. I may add new galleries as time goes by. To start, the three include “Inman Heirloom Quilt”, Pecos River Learning Centers Memories”, and “Aravind Volunteer Trip”.

1012 G
Larry and John on the restaurant patio
1013 G
John's team picture on the restaurant patio
1014 G
Learning center rooms
1015 G
Another view of learning center rooms
1016 G
The dragon, a constant reminder that what we must overcome is inside
1017 G
A view of the Pecos Learning center from up the hill
1018 G
Another view of the Pecos Learning center from up the hill
1019 G
Another view of the Pecos Learning center from up the hill
1020 G
Yet another view of learning center rooms
1021 G
Larry's home and a place for frequent meetings and planning sessions
1022 G
Conference center classroom. The experiential training was based inside the classroom and outside as you will see in a few slides
1023 G
Conference center classroom second view
1024 G
Conference center classroom third view
1025 G
AV room at back of conference center classroom
1026 G
Wagon and cabin form early traders. The Pecos trail went right through the conference center
1027 G
A close look at the trader cabin
1028 G
George my partner in my consulting company on the Pecos River during summer when river was low and clear. We fished from this point
1029 G
A look at the region from the ridge behind the conference center. I loved to go up in the early morning and sit and experience the beauty and tranquility of the region
1030 G
A typical cactus in the area
1031 G
A beautiful cactus blooming
1032 G
Native American hunters camp above the wash that we hiked up. The history of the region is ancient
1033 G
My partner George at the hunters camp
1034 G
Don Campbell who was one of Larry's senior consultants had a passion for the history of the region and gave a tour of the hunters camp, which had petroglyphs, sleeping quarters, and a ceiling deep in smoke residue
1035 G
Another view of hunters camp
1036 G
George in the hunters camp
1037 G
A birds eye view of the experiential training course (ropes course) located on the Pecos River
1038 G
Another view of the training course
1039 G
Our team ready to tackle the experiential course. The guides were great on the experiential course. A very safe and life changing experience
1040 G
Crossing the Pecos on way to the zip line to jump off the cliff
1041 G
Looking back across the Pecos after crossing to go to the top of the cliff
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