I have added several photo galleries that I recovered from my old web site. They all have special meaning to me and I love having them here to explore. I may add new galleries as time goes by. To start, the three include “Inman Heirloom Quilt”, Pecos River Learning Centers Memories”, and “Aravind Volunteer Trip”.

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My first step in India. Airport at Chennai Tamil Nādu. I was there for 9 hours. A very long night and my bag got lost as well.
1 006 3
Stepping off plane at Madurai Airport. I thought the guard with the gun was telling me not to take the picture.
1 007 4
Front of Madurai Airport as I was ready to get into the Aravind van, I turned and took this picture of the Madurai airport
1 012 9
Harmony guest house, My home for over two weeks at Aravind
3 014 11
Andrews the yardman who guarded Harmony and kept up the grounds, which were beautiful. Andrews was retired from the military and had no family. Aravind gave him a meaningful position and care for the rest of his life
14 036 33
Front yard next to road at Harmony
3 016 13
The view of the living room at Harmony. My first view of the inside
3 017 14
From living room into dining room and stairs. This is the second Harmony House, opened about 1999. The first was about 300 meters north and was Dr. V's house and the original hospital. Dr. Kim and Dr. Usha live next door to the original Harmony House
14 037 34
Side yard at Harmony
3 018 15
View of front yard from the Harmony living room
1 011 8
My room at Harmony, the Aravind guest house
13 006 3
Ghilda Mary and her assistant with me
1 038 35
Ghilda Mary and our cook at Harmony. Cook and Ghilda slept on the floor in the kitchen
14 038 35
Andrews opening the front gate to let me into the guest house
1 037 34
A typical meal with fellow volunteers at Harmony. We were provided with three meals per day. A time to share and get to know people from all over the world.
5 010 7
Table set for breakfast
5 013 10
My breakfast every day. Add fresh juice, coffee, and this is my morning at Harmony before work.
5 011 8
Laundry delivery at Harmony. A man with a cart picked up our laundry and washed and pressed and returned to us every day.
1 034 31
A view of the poorest of neighborhoods in front of Harmony guest house
1 009 6
Street next to Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai. Building on left is doctors’ dorm
1 010 7
View of Aravind Eye Hospital in Madurai. My first visit. For a detailed look at the history of Arivand and Dr. Venkataswamy, please order the extraordinary documentary, Infinite Vision, by Pavi, Dr. V's niece. Order from Seva Foundation at http://www.seva.org
3 027 24
My first view of Lions Aravind Institute of Community Ophthalmology (LAICO-Aravind) where I was to work for over two weeks
4 020 17A
Front of LAICO. LAICO trains hospitals from all over the world in high performance and volume sight surgery, helping eliminate needless blindness in the world.
2 004 1
My first step into the front door of LAICO. I was at work.
13 026 23
My office at LAICO. Everything is individually switched in every building. Nothing is left on to conserve power.
13 027 24
Reception area in common area from my office at LAICO. Only individual offices have air conditioning. Support staff experience the great outdoors in the building.
4 010 7A
Very nice support team that helped me when needed. LAICO
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John Inman with Pavitra (Pavi), a niece of Dr. V's (Dr. Venkataswamy). Produced documentary on Dr. V and Aravind, Infinite Vision. What a special person!
4 007 4A
Looking towards office area from central atrium at LAICO
15 010 7
Aurolab manufacturing facility that manufactures surgery products for Aravind and other NGO's world-wide reducing the cost of lenses etc. to pennies on the dollar.
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