I have added several photo galleries that I recovered from my old web site. They all have special meaning to me and I love having them here to explore. I may add new galleries as time goes by. To start, the three include “Inman Heirloom Quilt”, Pecos River Learning Centers Memories”, and “Aravind Volunteer Trip”.

15 011 8
Aurolab products and awards. Lab is ISO certified and manufactures world-class surgical supplies.
1 015 12
Mother and boy down street from Harmony. Boy asked to have picture taken. Very nice boy.
1 016 13
Typical early morning view of neighborhood street in Madurai. Photos 33 through 73 are representative of the Madurai I saw on my early morning walks.

1 020 17
Close look at same view as in previous picture. Cows may roam freely during the day, but in the early morning and evening they are milked and cared
1 017 14
Cows keep ecological balance by eating organic garbage all over Madurai. For goats and cows, the city is their pasture.
1 021 18
A typical roadside shrine
1 023 20
Wealthy neighborhood in Madurai. There are many doctors in this city of 1.2 million people. A typical neighborhood for doctors.
1 025 22
Housekeeper drawing Kolam (drawing on ground) in front of the home of her employer. Kolams - Continuous line drawn around a pattern of dots. Reminder that it is all about connecting the dots
1 026 23
Workers in Madurai. Typical of many of the workers in Madurai. Very friendly and proud people
1 028 25
Transporting sugar cane. This is a typical site. Sugar cane going by bike to any number of the small juice presses on roadsides
1 031 28
Woman carrying basket of bananas. Many products are transported by women laborers in this way.
2 006 3
Boy who asked to have his picture taken. Typical of early morning product transport.
2 009 6
Gas station close to Aravind. Most vehicles are motorcycles or motor scooters.
2 011 8
Sunrise over the river. Note that the river is dry. Madurai is in 5th year of drought. Very bad situation.
2 014 11
Communist influence is strong in South India. April was just before election and virtually every blank wall had political posters or painting.
2 015 12
Typical side street in Madurai, which is known as the largest village in India. 1.2 million people in a sprawling village setting. Note beautiful bullock
2 017 14
Many products are transported by bike.
2 019 16
These carts with rubber tires or wooden wheels are seen all over the area.
2 027 24
Sidewalk shop and meeting place. Typical of places for coffee, Chai, papers, and conversation early in morning before work.
3 004 1
Water is transported by hand all over the region. Women usually transport the water.
3 005 2
Water tank where water is refilled for families all over the region. Water is trucked into Madurai due to drought.
3 006 3
Sugar cane. Brought into central collection areas and then picked up and transported to presses across region.
3 013 10
Bike rickshaw, a common way to transport goods
3 019 16
Fruit and vegetable stand. Boy asked me to take picture of his family.
3 020 17
Boy on bike stopped for a picture
3 021 18
Bullocks pulling a cart
3 022 19
School children in bike rickshaw.
3 023 20
School children in bike rickshaw side view
3 024 21
Auto rickshaws are all over the area and what one would use to get to and from any location. Note the two people on the motorcycle. Families of 5 are common on a motorcycle.
3 026 23
News stand, ISD booth for calls, fruit stand, and coffee and Chai station. These small stands are all over the city and rural areas.
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