I have added several photo galleries that I recovered from my old web site. They all have special meaning to me and I love having them here to explore. I may add new galleries as time goes by. To start, the three include “Inman Heirloom Quilt”, Pecos River Learning Centers Memories”, and “Aravind Volunteer Trip”.

14 023 20
A spiritual man teaching at the Meenakshi Temple
14 024 21
A shrine to the elephant god, Ganesha.
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TIFAC-CORE Inauguration - Technology Information, Forecasting & Assessment Council - Center of Relevance and Excellence in Diabetic Retinopathy. This was a great honor and quite an event.
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Dr. Usha and another doctor from Aravind. Dr. Usha is a senior family member.
15 007 4
Reena was one of the ladies that took me shopping. She was one of the nicest ladies I met in India. She is Dr. Usha's assistant.
15 008 5
Doctors from Boston and Pavi.
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John with Dr. V and University of Michigan MBA students
15 018 15
Layover at Frankfort on the way home. A very very long trip home.
15 019 16
Our plane waiting to leave in Frankfort on the way home
15 020 17
What makes the trip worth it. My family who greeted me at the airport in Portland on my return.
15 021 18
My daughter Kinnera who inspired my work in India as a way to give back to the culture that gave her to us.
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